2022 YODEX | Key Visaul Design

2022 新一代設計展|主視覺設計

April 2022

 ●獲金點設計獎標章 Golden Pin Design Award

|Photographer & Moving Image Artist in Collaboration / Sydney Sie
|Idea Contributor of Images/ Sydney Sie & ©aaronniehworkshop

|Overall Manager of the Project/ 台灣設計研究院 台灣設計研究院 TDRI 新一代設計展_yodex
|Team of Key Visual Programme / 永真急制 ©aaronniehworkshop
|AD / 聶永真 Aaron Nieh  聶永真 Aaron Nieh & 陳燻雞
|Project Designer / @xiang_wrx
|Designer / Emily Wang
|Motion Graphics Artist for Typography & KV
|Layout / @ke_vin0722
|Copywriter / @xiang_wrx
|Project Manager / Janice Lin 
|Motion Graphics Artist for Image production / Ronn Chen
|Photographic Assistant / @riversbed


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